Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Food Fit For a Feast

I love holidays!  Especially holidays that involve a lot of food!  As my kids are getting older, they've become more involved in the preparation of our holiday meals.  I let each of the kids pick their favorite dish and they get to be in charge of making it.  (The younger ones usually pick something super easy, like pudding.  They like to be part of the fun.)  I give them help when it's needed but they're getting to be pretty good chefs, if I do say so myself.  Not only do I appreciate the extra help in the kitchen, but I love having them in there, chatting and hanging out with me as we prepare a feast fit for a king.  Well, one that we're excited to eat anyway!  Easter is such a special holiday with a weekend full of food!  From brunch to a big ham dinner, there are so many yummy foods we like to make for Easter.  Below are some of our favorite recipes that we've gathered over the years.  Click on the red title of each recipe and it will take you to the recipe.  You may notice that there's no Main Dish category.  I usually just buy a pre-cooked ham.  You know, the kind that comes with a little glaze packet.  I put it in an oven bag and follow the cooking instructions.  Nothing amazing or magical but the ham always turns out great.  Maybe someday I'll try something new, but for now this is working.  And for now, I'll continue to spend my cooking time making fun sides and desserts.  Sounds like a win, win.  And after Easter, I'll be posting some successful new recipes that I'm excited to try out this year.

Brunch Favorites:

Favorite Side Dishes:

Save Room For Dessert:


Jamie Young said...

What I would give to be in that kitchen cooking up a storm with you guys! One of these days... What a fabulous compilation of recipes, and I love your idea of having the kids pick a dish to make. Our Easter this year consisted of hamburgers in the back of the RV, still memorable in it's own way, but I'm looking forward to celebrating the holidays in the states!

Janessa said...

All the memories you have to go with that nontraditional easter dinner are worth a lifetime of fancy dinners! Hopefully we'll be cooking together this Thanksgiving!!!

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